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links for 2010-01-19

Posted by Joel Price on January 19, 2010 – 11:08 AM

  • San Diego President Dean Spanos signed Head Coach Norv Turner to a three-year contract extension today, extending his contract through the 2013 season. "I'm extremely proud of the job Norv has done wi …

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12 Responses to “links for 2010-01-19”

  1. By Brian Lunt on Jan 20, 2010 | Reply

    Ok,first off this loss will leave a bad taste in my mouth until the upcoming season..Pure disaster!! Please tell me Mr. Turner why you let the control of your players just slip away, this was your speech all the way to the playoffs..Control, Patience, and most importantly stay humble. None of these were even of existence throughout this game, and surely this was a complete utter mess with the “True Blue” fans.. I just can’t get over this call, here we are over 2 minutes left, let me mention to exact 2:24 and we have a timeout remaining…What would you do? Of course you would, kick off to the Jets instead of attempting the lowest of lows of percentages an onside kick..Lets face it 9/10 you will not be successful at it so why do it..Turner, you kick off pin to around the 20 to 25 yard, take your defense out there like you have all game long, and you go 3 and out..We then receive with about 50 secs or so, which mostly likely starts us at or around our 40..Then along comes our illustrious leader Mr. Rivers and he takes us down for the tie..Then all of sudden we are tied and headed toward overtime..Was that really that hard? It’s football 101..I know I’m not the expert, however I have watched and played football throughout my years, and it was just clear as day that this play should have been called..I love my Chargers and will always stand behind them, I’m just ready to get over the hump, so we can play for a Superbowl.. It’s been to long, 15 years in counting..Thank you, Go Bolts!!!

  2. By Mike Doering on Jan 20, 2010 | Reply

    Great work this year by Norv Turner. It has been interesting watching him work his craft. I hope the negative fans can remember Marty losing his cool and walking out on the field in a playoff game and getting penalized. As good as Marty was, he lost his cool at times. Norv is very calm under pressure, like a high stakes poker player in a Vegas tournament. He just keeps thinking. To go from the Pittsburgh game to AFC West champs is no small miracle. Look at the substitutions that had to be dealt with.

  3. By Michael Ignacio on Jan 20, 2010 | Reply

    First off, disappointing playoff game however you take the good with the bad….superb season run. Outstanding job overcoming adversity with all the injuries and hats off to all the young players who stepped up. Having Jamal back next season will help out tremendously with the hole in the middle. Hopefully Merriman will return to his old dominant self having the off season to rest fully. The defense as a whole looks good. Offensively our run game is where we need addressing. Its not that LT is on lhis last leg, look back at what made our running game so dominant…..”A legitimate fullback please”. Hester and Tolbert did a good job with what they could but they are not the type fullback we need or LT needs to finish off blocks like Lorenzo Neal was. LT is still productive and our running game can be what it once was given we get a pure fullback….LT is a threat no matter how many times he touches the ball, but to get him going and for people to respect our running game, lets get him some help….

    Respectfully Mr A. J. Smith……lets get LT some help

  4. By Mike Doering on Jan 21, 2010 | Reply

    Something has to be done about Antonio Cromartie. I don’t know if that would be to trade him and get something or whether he should be sent to tackling school in the offseason. He can deflect passes, but he does not tackle. He seems to have no sense about how to do it and how to get the angle on a player with the ball. He seems to have no sense about when to cover and when to leave the player uncovered and do something else. In the last game and many others this area of vulnerability was revealed. He has great physical skills but his football sense and judgement seem to be off. And I do not see Cason as any better, or Dante Hughes. They made a lot of mistakes too.

  5. By Mike Doering on Jan 21, 2010 | Reply

    GM of the year in my book is that gruff, impersonal, brief, terse, blunt, to the point, AJ Smith. All those guys down after the first game. All those injuries. And look at the depth and the guys he picked up that were laying around. Scott, Runyan, Dumbrowski, Mooch, Siler, Dobbins, ya gotta admit: we have some really solid guys waiting in the wings for their chance. It’s all in the AJ plan, man.

    There will be some really tough choices in the offseason but one thing about AJ. He will make them.
    And, while everyone is human, for the most part, his tough decisions, when he has to cut an arm off, it is usually for football reasons, not personal vendettas motivated by ego. This year you really have to give AJ credit.

  6. By MadFan on Jan 22, 2010 | Reply

    Maybe A.J. should have picked up a Coach, Kicker, Safety and a running back instead.

  7. By Randy Hudson on Jan 23, 2010 | Reply

    Norv has done the job expected of him, but just seems that he has been ordered from upstairs to call plays pertaining to featured players only, the way I saw it. It was a backup WR who caught the first TD of the Jet game, and I am banking that Ryan’s defense didn’t seeit coming, also why not wear down defenses with 220lb plus fullbacks
    instead watching an LT or Sproles go up against healthy Jet or Raven frontline, and coming up short. Why not save your talent for the second and fourth quarters when defenses are tired. Just common sense. This team needs a power scheme.

  8. By Rick Morse on Jan 24, 2010 | Reply

    Jets v Colts–
    Today the best team won, unlike last weekend where the team with the least mistakes and flukie bad breaks lost ( the Revis intercept off the calf of Jackson, untimely block in the back penalty by Floyd, uncharacteristic interception deep in our own territory by Rivers–probaly brought on by sheer anger and frustration at the Jackson interception, and the missed field goals) . . .

    The Chargers defense played a much better game than the Colts against the Jets–GO DEFENSE!


    The Chargers don’t play the Colts (whose number everyone knows they’ve got) all season–HMMMM?

    The Chargers get beat by an inferior Jets team on the back of missed field goals (Kaeding has made the difference in our win loss record since he put on his boots for the Chargers) and uncharacteristic general play–HMMMMM?

    Manning is the MVP (again going into the playoffs)–HMMMM?

    The Chargers have the MVPs number and the league knows it–HMMMM?

    The MVP was eliminated by the 8-8 Chargers in the 1st round last year (the MVP doesn’t go to the Super Bowl)–HMMM?

    The Colts play the game the Chargers should have played last week today to get the MVP to the super Bowl–really kind of makes you want to go –HMMMMM!

  9. By chargerbound on Jan 24, 2010 | Reply

    After seeing another one of AJ Smith reject reach the Super Bowl when are the Spanons going to wake up we need new direction

  10. By Esco on Jan 27, 2010 | Reply

    DISAPPOINTED! Chargers went to the Playoffs with an 11 game winning streak, and seemed unstoppable but failed yet again in the most important game. To me it seemed like the offense was not in the game, the focus was not there, no spark whatsoever…it seemed like they didn’t want to win. The defense in the other hand was outstanding in the first half but in the second half they started to slow down because they were constantly on the field! And, what was up with Kaeding?! 3 missed field goals! In a good note though, superb regular season…I just wonder when our charger team is going to wake up in the playoffs?

  11. By murrdog on Jan 27, 2010 | Reply

    I would like to comment on the 2009-2010 season.First the reg.season was great we overcame so much.I was very happy to see the chargers play team football.They spread the ball around on offense and stepped up on defense .The early injuries to Jamal and Nick hurt but guys stepped up and played huge.Our head coach, a great offensive mind.Our defensive guru Ron, who i belive is the right man for the job on that side of the ball deserves a ton of credit.Now that i have acknowledged the regular season i will now get to the point. We as a team the San Diego Chargers have been knocking on the door since 2004.We have let players go ,have fired and hired coach’s.Aj has for the most part addressed our needs in the draft.We always seem to be playing our best football going into the playoffs.So the question that needs to be answered is why cant we get over the hump.I feel it is because we do not have the right man leading our team on to the field .Football is a game of emotions! highs and lows the ability to overcome adversity.A team sport, everyone doing their jobs and working together to achieve one common goal a CHAMPIONSHIP. We need a leader in the head coaching position! A MAN who demands excellence and nothing less,Our players need to be more focused and motivated and most of all prepared to win it all.With the coaches that were out there why resign Norv as our head coach? A offensive cord. yes but not our head coach.Bill Cowher , Jon Gruden , were available at the time of the re -sign but yet we keep the problem for at least three more years.We have the same core group of players returning next year withe exception of a few huge names.So Norv I am calling you out! No excuses .Just get it done .Prove all of us Charger for life fans wrong We want Super Bowl Win.A great reg season will never be remembered A championship will! In closing i would like to say that am i the only one who can not figure out our all – pro kicker? Nate with all do respect W.T.F is your problem? Do not be afraid to be great in the playoffs .The only time you absolutely have to make your field goal’s is the playoffs.Win or go home.2004 ,2006,2010.You need to Fix this Nate Right now.You still get paid even though you miss your kicks.We as fans do not get our $ back for our tickets !Or 50 $ to pay a our cell phone insurance deductibles because we just shattered our phones on the ground after watching you miss another field goal.Chargers for life! Lets get it done bolts make it to Dallas next season. HAD TO VENT I WAS AT THE LAST GAME AND I AM STILL MAD.THE JETS ? COME ON MAN THE FREAKING JETS .

  12. By TIZOC on Jan 27, 2010 | Reply


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