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Chargers Announce Injury Report vs. the Ravens

Posted by Ricky Henne on November 23, 2012 – 3:48 PM

A short while ago, the Chargers announced their injury report for Sunday’s game against the Ravens.

Larry English (calf) and Eddie Royal (hamstring) are out.

Tyronne Green (hamstring) and Dante Rosario (hamstring) are doubtful.

Aubrayo Franklin (knee) is questionable.

Atari Bigby (shoulder), Mike Scifres (ankle) and Louis Vasquez (ankle) are probable.

English and Royal both left last week’s game in Denver with their injuries.

Green also was forced out of the match while Rosario wasn’t able to suit up with his hurt hamstring.

Franklin suffered a deep bone bruise against the Buccaneers and didn’t play last week either.

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11 Responses to “Chargers Announce Injury Report vs. the Ravens”

  1. By Frank R on Nov 23, 2012 | Reply

    78 Gaither, what a surprise. Keep player ha! Only key play we really miss is Vincent Jackson. Nice move AJ. if Aj used the yard stick he used to get rid of the key players we really miss on himself he would be gone. To bad he hid that from Spanos.

  2. By Stephen on Nov 23, 2012 | Reply

    Obviously bringing in players who have a history of injury has not worked out too well for the Chargers, especially this year (ie Gaither, Meachem and Royal. We need to clean house. I am talking coach and GM for sure.

  3. By Twigg on Nov 23, 2012 | Reply

    I can see on the roster that vincent brown is designated for return this season. He was only supposed to miss 10 weeks and that was two weeks into preseason, so whats the story there, and can we expect him back anytime because i cant find any info on how he’s doing and when he’ll be back but we could really that talented sonofabitch. Denario Alexander was a great aquisition the dudes amazing and he reminds me of brown (even though he’s been in the league longer). If we can get both of them on the field with Floyd in the #1 spot denario #2 and brown in the slot and throw meechums ass on the bench we will have a seriously dangerous offense again

  4. By Mee on Nov 24, 2012 | Reply

    Not surprised by gaither. He just aint that guy. The time has come for the chargers to look the other way. Firing the coach & gm will start

  5. By Sam on Nov 25, 2012 | Reply

    Chargers owes its success to Marty who built this team and if he was still coaching the team, he would’ve been the biggest success ever in chargers history. Perhaps, the blame can’t be all on the GM. What about the owner and his fear of over spending each year and not winning a title after all? We all blame the GM and the coach for getting rid of players each year without thinking of what would’ve been the cost of keeping all those players in the last few years? Sure, he is the GM and he could’ve done a better job. I give him 7 out 10 as a GM. Besides some bad trades and picks there was some bad luck too. So, I think the coach and the quarterback should be more of the blame this year than the GM. Chargers could’ve and should’ve won many of the last few games starting with New Orleans which both the coach and the QB lost their focus the last few minutes of the game. They easily get emotional and lose their focus when they are under pressure. Neither one had any idea that Gather was injured to call a time out. Sure, it is the player responsibility to get someone’s attention when is hurt. I was watching the game on TV and I was screaming for someone to call a timeout… Or the Denver game, How can you explain a 24-0 lead at the half to blow out a home game? why they didn’t start using their running game to kill the time instead of throwing interceptions? Other problems with Rivers, he’s been trying to do too much during the last few games even when his team had the lead. He needs to be patient even if his job is on line. Turner supposed to be an offensive coach. but the last few games they won or even the games should’ve won, it’s the defense success. Philip Rivers needs to learn how to get involved in the game when he is in the side line. Instead of thinking and stressing over the last failure, he needs to be active on the sideline and discuss how to correct his or teammates mistakes. He needs to discuss his team weakness and the other team strength to seek an immediate solutions like many other successful QBs do even when they’re successful they look at the plays images and play better when they get back to the game. sitting around like many other players is sign of over confidence or a helpless mentality. This might be considered an insult to chargers organization. This is just an opinion that I have for a team that really can make it happen. Should the chargers win the next couple games, I don’t see any reason why there should be any empty seats. There are enough and more than enough fans to support this team. I believe Chargers can still be in the playoffs if Rivers through the ball when he should. Also, Coach Turner with his successful December and January this team has the opportunity to make the playoffs and more. This might be funny to many of you giving credit to Coach He has proven records of building a strong team 2nd half of last few seasons and make the chargers the talk of the next season. Although, if the team finish less than 8-8, I believe the Coach, the GM and the Quarterback all should go.

  6. By Drew on Nov 25, 2012 | Reply

    Yeah this season is a bust. And still 6 games to go. What a waist of a season.

  7. By Angry Fan on Nov 26, 2012 | Reply

    AJ and Norv must go!!!!!!!!! The time of QB’s to stay in the pocket is so yesterday! Bench or trade Rivers now!!!!! We need a QB that can run dodge scramble throw to the right team members.

  8. By charger blue on Nov 27, 2012 | Reply

    Dean Spanos you have made it clear you want this team to fail and move to LA, well I got some bad news for you and your plans nobody wants a LOSER! You are a spineless owner who does no care about winning or your fans! You have never address the fans to apologize for your poor decisions and let norv and Arrogant Jackass smith take all the heat whiIe you just plan on selling out this city and team. YOU BROUGHT BACK TO PROVEN LOSERS IN aj and norv. Grow a pair and come out and tell everyone your plans so that we dont invest anymore time or money on a product you fail to commit to. Jerry Jones might be a tool, but he has passion and addresses his fans! I was a season ticket holder when you had to be on a waiting list to get them now you cant even sell out a game. FIRE NORV AND ARROGANT JACKASS NOW AND MAYBE SOMEONE WILL BE INTERESTED IN HAVING YOU MOVE THE CHARGERS TO THEIR CITY. OTHERWISE YOUR PLAN ON CRAPPING ON THE CITY OF SAN DIEGO HAS BACKFIRED BECAUSE NOBODY THINKS YOU HAVE WHAT IT TAKES TO COMMIT TO WINNING. GO 49ERS A TEAM WHO IS COMMITTING TO WINNING! JUST GIVE THE CHARGER FANS ONE LAST THING TO CHEER ABOUT AND FIRE THOSE TO LOSERS NOW! AT LEAST GIVE THE FANS THAT SATISFACTION!!

  9. By Frustrated Fan on Nov 29, 2012 | Reply

    Chargers will not get the respect they deserve until NORV and AJ Smith are gone! I think Norv is one of the worst, if not, the worst Chargers coach in team history! The team is the most UNDISCIPLINED in the league!

  10. By ernesto elias on Nov 29, 2012 | Reply

    I am a die hard Charger fan. I have never been so disappointed in my team than this season. Offensive line is terrible… Rivers trying to hard to make things happen! Other than the 4th and 29 from last weeks game, defense has been good… If the offense cant score, defense can only do so much….Running game is pathetic. rebuild the offensive line, draft another running back….Bring some some respect back to the Bolts…Dying in northern cali…..

  11. By Angry Fan on Nov 30, 2012 | Reply

    Another blacked out game. Shocker!!!!!!!! Dr. Spanos I hope you are paying attention. AJ and Norv must go!!!!!!!!!!!

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