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Antonio Gates Blog: My Special Week

Posted by Ricky Henne on December 20, 2012 – 4:39 PM

Antonio Gates (#85)The following was submitted by Chargers tight end Antonio Gates.

This has been a special week for me, and not just because I tied the franchise record for touchdown catches.

Monday was my “Shop with a Charger” event.  My teammates and I went shopping with underprivileged kids at the Walmart by the facility. My feeling is that there is the game of football, and then there is the game of life.  These kids see us as heroes, as people who have accomplished things, and what I try to do is have them forget about the negative things in their life and focus on the positive.  I want to give them encouragement and hope to always dream big.  I want them to look back on their lives years from now and remember they had someone in their corner rooting for them and who was willing to help them out.  I wouldn’t be in the same position I am today if it wasn’t for having people like that in my past.  So this event is very special to me.

Now on the field, while the last game hurt to lose like we did against the Panthers, it was very emotional for me to tie the franchise record for most touchdown catches with Lance Alworth.  It was phenomenal.  I got very emotional because I’d been working so hard the last three or four weeks to get that touchdown and tie the record.  And with everything we’ve been going through, getting this record came at a time when I really needed something positive.  You go through so much, and when things are going badly, you want to cling to some positive reinforcement that you’re doing the right things.  Now this milestone is something I will always look back on and think wow, I’ve had a lot of teammates and coaches who have trusted in me and given me the opportunity to accomplish the things I have.

I hope to have a lot of years left in my career, but when I look back at my playing days years from now, I’m going to remember the good times and the bad times.  One thing about humans is you remember all the positive moments and years of your life, but you also remember the negative ones too.  Now at the end of the day, I will look back at this time period and know that we prepared the best we could and gave it our best.  We’ve taken all the necessary steps to be as good as we possibly can be, and that’s all you can ask for. There is such a small percentage of people who actually make it this far to be a professional.  It’s hard to get to this level.  So even though things aren’t going as planned and I have a bitter taste in my mouth, I still recognize that.  And we can’t forget it either, because in order to grow we have to learn from being in this position.

Finally, I want to leave you by thanking you for supporting our team.  We lay it on the line every single week not just for ourselves, but for you, the fans, as well. We still want to win football games, and sometimes the perception is that guys don’t care, and want to point out losing badly to Carolina as a sign that guys don’t care.  But that’s not the case.  Things just didn’t go our way.  But we’re still trying as hard as we possibly can. We’re still fighting, and hopefully you guys keep supporting us because we need you at this crucial time.  We need you behind us.

Antonio Gates

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16 Responses to “Antonio Gates Blog: My Special Week”

  1. By Adriana on Dec 20, 2012 | Reply

    Wow! You made me get teary eyed. Congratulations on tying that franchise record but most important, thank you for being so humble and for having such a great heart!!!
    I’ll always be cheering you guys on ;)

  2. By erik on Dec 20, 2012 | Reply

    We as fans are lucky to have you to cheer for Mr. Gates! Class act off the field plus all time great Charger ever to play! #85 all day! Go Chargers!

  3. By Drew on Dec 21, 2012 | Reply

    Gates yep you are a class act and a great football player just like LT was!! I know the end of this season will bring alot of change. I hope that you can still have a productive next season! I wear # 85 with pride!! GO BOLTS!!!

  4. By Frederick Smith on Dec 21, 2012 | Reply

    Thanks Antonio for all the years you have given to the city of San Diego. You have been one of the good things this city has had and will always be in history as one of the good guys that played for this city. I live in the Seattle area now but have been a Charger fan since 78′. And I love your commiment to the game and this team. Hopefully you will still be around for a few more years. So keep passing it along to your fellow teammates and know that your true fans WILL ALWAYS be behind you!

  5. By aaron cruz on Dec 21, 2012 | Reply

    antonio gates you are the man under the radar no doubt. i just got my second gates jersey and have been a fan for many years. i like your style and what you represent,your name and your actions reflect on everything you live to be. win or lose san diego my home my team antonio gates,you in my familys mind is THE PEOPLES CHAMPION.

  6. By david on Dec 21, 2012 | Reply

    Man… I don’t know if someone helped Gates with the wording cause that was well said. I feel its something all true Chargers fans should read. Not only Gates, but the whole team, they need our support. I’v only missed 2 games all saeson and the worst thing is they were the W’s, against the Cheifs and Titans. My bitter taste hasn’t been the losses, I am always proud to be a Chargers fan. The bitter taste was the fans that were booing, I know its tough to watch your team lose but you can’t let negativity get in your head, once you have it its tough to be positive since winning is a week by week cure. With that said the way our teams players show they have the backs of the less fortunant ones, lets do the same for them in these tough times. And for Gates, you don’t have to wait 5 years after retirement, your a Hall of Famer in all our books”

  7. By Bryan on Dec 21, 2012 | Reply

    Antonio, you are one classy guy. I appreciate your message and believe you have got your game and life in perspective. It’s no surprise that you have had so much success as a professional. From the work you put in and the positive influence you bring to the Chargers and the community make you my favorite Charger to watch all these years.

    There is much to be thankful for us all, and as a fan I am frustrated and not happy with how this season has gone. But its great players and quality people like you and Phillip, and Eric (and many others to list) that will keep me supporting this team. Through the ups and downs.

    I look forward to seeing you in the coming games and seasons.


  8. By vicky culp on Dec 21, 2012 | Reply

    Antonio, the Chargers have quite a few fans here in Texas, and we all know you’re a great player and person. Thanks for your constant hard work and dedication. You make those one-handed grabs look effortless! Here’s hoping that the new GM and Coach can get things going next year, and the best part of your career, is up and coming. The sparce attendance at the Q and the Boos will go away once AJ and Norv are replaced. We hope you know that “us fans” love the Chargers and that we’re behind each and everyone of you. Congratulations and Happy Holidays!


  9. By Brian on Dec 21, 2012 | Reply

    go chargers. finish strong , wooop on the jets

  10. By Brian on Dec 21, 2012 | Reply

    oh yeah… its not that bad.. i remember the season we only won one game… just beat the raiders

  11. By Jan Roberts on Dec 23, 2012 | Reply

    Antonio, today you will BEAT Lance Alworth’s record! You are a class act football player and human being – no wonder we all admire you so much!

    Along with Brian, previous post, I remember that season we won one game, too. We were so excited at that game! But, even with that season, we still re-upped our season tickets! Hey, the Chargers are my family’s team and once you pick a team, you stay with them.

    Congratulations on your outstanding performance, #85. Now, go get those Jets! :-)

  12. By Tyan Newton on Dec 27, 2012 | Reply

    Antonio you are an inspiration to all of us fans
    and everything you have done for this beautiful city
    you deserve the position as my favorite charger player of all time next to jr. SEAU
    I shall be there every home game to the end win or lose I cheer for my BOLTS

  13. By Hector Baca on Dec 30, 2012 | Reply

    What a great human being and ball player. I am so lucky to have seen him play and represent San Diego. Bolt forever Antonio.

  14. By Beverly C. Bingham on Dec 31, 2012 | Reply

    Despite the weather it was awesome to sit at the stadium yesterday and watch my team beat the Raiders. Day in, day out you guys play your hearts out for each other, the coaches and us fans. I am and always will be your number 1 fan. GO BOLTS!!!

  15. By Katie Allen on Dec 31, 2012 | Reply

    The only thing my 14-year-old granddaughter asked for for Christmas was an Antonio Gates jersey; and that’s what she received. Our whole family is so grateful for your hard work and I hope there are many more chances to watch you on the field in the future.

  16. By Rob Liwanag on Dec 31, 2012 | Reply

    This is a well earned and deserved record Antonio. I’m hoping to see you build on it in the years to come.
    Few elite players have as much class and integrity as you. You’ve always been a shining star on this team. Congratulations!

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